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AJA - R20AD - Analog Video to SDI Converter

  • - R20AD - Analog Video to SDI Converter

The R20AD is a Analog to Digital video convertor; it will accept a component, composite or Y/C analog video signal and convert the signal to an SDI digital video signal.

- Various Analog Inputs
This device has the ability to accept component, composite or Y/C analog video inputs.

- Multi-Standard
The R20AD has the ability to accept NTSC or PAL composite video signals.

- Comb Filter
A four line adaptive comb filter is offered for high quality processing of composite signals.

- Multiple SDI Outputs
Four SDI outputs are offered for distribution amplifier capabilities.

- Rack Frame Design
This conversion card was designed to fit into R series AJA frames and Leitch 6800 series frames.

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years


  • Inputs
    Composite Video, on one BNC connector
    Component Video, on three BNC connectors
    Y/C (S-Video), on two BNC connectors
    Reference, on a BNC connector
    NTSC or PAL is capable on composite conversion
  • Outputs
    SDI Digital Video x4, on four BNC connectors
  • Conversion
    Component, Composite and Y/C analog video (NTSC or PAL) to SDI Digital Video (AGC and EDH selectable)
  • Control
    External Dip Switch:
    Input Video Format
    Test Generator
  • Power Source
    Power is derived from rack frame power supply
  • Dimensions
    Fits in R Series AJA Frames
    Fits in Leitch 6800 Series Frames

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