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Manfrotto - 190 GO!, Kit Tripod 4 sections, aluminum + Twist Locks + Ball joint




Manfrotto - 190 GO!, Kit Tripod 4 sections, aluminum + Twist Locks + Ball joint

This kit is smart, adaptable and creative. Perfectly designed for amateurs and professionals, the 190 GB tripod! Aluminum 4 - Sections with Rotary Locking, mounted ball joint is easy to transport and easy to use. In the kit, you will find a tripod with ball joint, including a fast plate to ensure all the safety during your work. An intelligent rotary locking mechanism is used for this tripod for even faster setup. The rotary lock is designed to be less bulky than the levers and reduces the weight of the tripod. With this kit, you will never feel overburdened when it comes to packing and getting in. When you work, you have an ultra fluid movement thanks to a new ingenious selector of the angle of the legs. Just easily adjust each leg safely. The tripod also has a 90 ° column mechanism, hidden inside the center column of the tripod. This allows the center column to tilt to a horizontal position, where you can get a view from above, especially useful for product photography and macro photography. This versatile tripod also has an Easy Link adapter allowing you to attach accessories (such as an LED torch or reflector) as you see fit.
Tripod MK190GOA4TB-BH with a ball head 496RC2. The kit also includes a very portable, lightweight and reliable kneecap. This brings a great versatility of price and allows a fast and creative framing. The friction control allows you to adjust the rotation according to the weight of your equipment. The patella also comes with a quick release tray to secure your equipment.

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