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WALTER KLASSEN FX - SlingShot + Vest

  • KLASSEN FX - SlingShot + Vest
  • KLASSEN FX - SlingShot + Vest
  • KLASSEN FX - SlingShot + Vest

Klassen-innovated 3 Axis brushless gimbal and hand-held support system

The SlingShot uses Walter Klassen’s proven carbon fiber vest technology to help you support the FreeFly Systems’ MōVI, DJI Ronin, Maxima M30, Defy among other 3-Axis gimbals. And it supports any handheld camera setup. With the SlingShot system you can take on longer shots without tiring your arms and still achieve full range of motion.

- Takes the weight off the operator’s arms
- Longer shot
- Dampens vertical movement
- Individually adjustable tubing and arms allows for a great range of movement and flexibility
- Attaches to all existing Klassen vests.
- SlingShot includes universal loops for all brushless gimbal and handheld setups plus one custom top bar for hook attachment sized at 22, 25 or 30 cm

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