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Wooden Camera - 167000 WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet)

WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet)

Wooden Camera - 167000 WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet)




Wooden Camera - 167000 WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet)

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  • Camera - 167000 WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet)
  • Camera - 167000 WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet)
  • Camera - 167000 WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet)

Wooden Camera brand V-Mount plate utilizing an IDX V-Mount  and RED Epic/Scarlet LEMO connector. This plate is wired correctly to display RED Brick and smart V-mount battery percentage on displays.

8" cable exits the right side of the plate allowing easy insertion into the camera. Design allows minimal cable excess while still being able to reach additional modules when necessary.

Custom lengths available up to 24" at the standard price. Additional lengths available as needed. Send us an email with your requirements:

2x D-Tap ports for accessory power.

Combine with Quick Back v2 (sold separately) for quick release battery plate that will attach to the rear of any module.

Wooden Camera is specialized in the accessoring for digital-cinema cameras. The goal is to create compacts, user-friendly, affordable kits, which permit a better use of your camera. That's why PhotoCineShop choose Wooden Camera to provide high quality accessories.

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