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  • Bouée Stabilizer
  • Bouée Stabilizer
  • Bouée Stabilizer

La Bouée is a peanut shaped hi-tech textile device filled with polystyrene beads.
It is attached on the back with two ajustable suspenders to the height needed.
It is then easy to rest one's elbows in order to hold a camera steadily with less effort and a well balanced back.

La Bouée : 3 working positions

- If you are using a camera on the right shoulder, a single strap on the left shoulder is enough to balance your back.
- If you need to bring a hand higher up (to access your zoom or follow focus) attach the small wedge to your "bouée" with an elastic, small hook or shoelace, and adjust your working position.
- Finally, if you are working with a camera in front of you (monitoring on an LCD screen for instance) the second strap will help you find a comfortable working position.

Technical Data

- Weight : 1300 g
- Volume : about 18 liters
- Waist measurement : 85 to 115 cm
(add 15cm with the velcro extension)
- Ultra resistant reinforced flame retardant blue cotton
gray polyester coated with flame retardant polyurethane
- Flame retardant white 100% microfiber polyester
polystyrene beads treated M1 (flame retardant)

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