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Profoto D4 4800 Air Gen. Kit

Livré avec: Sync cable (103001), Power cable (102506), Profoto Studio Software, User's Guide, Warranty

Profoto D4 4800 Air Gen. Kit




Profoto D4 4800 Air Gen. Kit

  • D4 4800 Air Gen. Kit

Profoto's new D4 Air generators are the perfect combination of digital precision and versatility with analogue control and reliability. 

Four truly asymmetric outputs allow the use of four flash heads on one generator with individual control – this means many jobs can be done using just one D4 Air pack. Profoto's D4 Air truly represents the worldwide reference in colour and f-stop stability, even at asymmetric power distribution. The integrated Air module offers a fast and reliable radio sync and allows direct control of all settings via an Air Remote transceiver or Profoto's Studio software (Mac and PC).

The unique ergonomic design combines the positive feel of mechanical knobs and switches with the precision of electronic technologies. This combination allows for precise control in 1/10 f-stop increments, all with digitally controlled output, insuring that flash and colour temperature remain consistent every time.

Four independent outlets provide true asymmetric operation with the turn of a dial. Working with one D4 Air generator is like using four separate flash units. Over an 8 f/stop range, the Profoto D4 Air gives photographers the ability to adjust the light from the control panel, without the need for unplugging and re-plugging lamp heads. All this control while being compatible to a comprehensive array of Profoto heads and the huge range of Profoto accessories.

Auxiliary functions such as sequence, delay and intervalometer, make tricky lighting setups simple. With these features, photographers can select the number of flashes, the amount of time between each flash, as well as an initial delay, all from the generator in a straight forward way.

Profoto D4 Air come supplied with a software package for Mac and PC that provides full control via the optional Air USB transceiver. The entire production can be orchestrated from one place. Adjusting power, modeling light, as well as the auxiliary functions can be completed and saved with the click of a mouse. Individual lamp heads can be turned on/off right from the computer screen. Control has never been simpler.

Recycling Times  0.12-4.4s
Flash Durations   t 0.5 1/2700-1/350s

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