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Profoto HR Softbox Octa 7´

Delivered with: Softbox Octa, transport bag

Profoto HR Softbox Octa 7´




  • HR Softbox Octa 7´

Newly introduced HR Softbox 7"Octa is the largest of its kind. Thanks to unconventinoal sizes and its superior even light distribution, it gives many options for photographers to explorer their creativity. It is ideal for both video shoot and photoshoot.

Despite immense sizes, it is easy to set up and take down. The heat resistant material and the reinforced joints and seams will ensure a long lifetime even for heavy-duty use. A recessed front with sawn-on Velcro™ patches allows the user to attach accessories such as grids and diffusers*. Everything is designed in a slender and lightweight fashion, enabling the photographer to use even the largest models in narrow surroundings. They are also easy to transport. The HR Softbox Octa comes with a removable front and internal diffusers, rods and a rugged transport bag.

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